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So, we must always take into account that acrylic dries quickly, so there is no time for “fuss”. It’s better to start your painting with diluted acrylic from the “wet” technique.

Basic principles

acrylic painting


You can also write with acrylic diluted paints and on a dry basis, but for this it is still better to moisten it.

Color transitions

It will be much more convenient for you to write if you take two brushes, the first one is actually applying the paint, and the second (clean or damp) – remove excess, smooth out the contours, correct defects and soften the color transitions.


In painting, you can give more depth, brilliance and expressiveness, if you paint a picture by layer-by-layer method.

Working Hours
Paintings Sold
It consists in the fact that first as a primer you need to apply thick paints. After you can write already diluted, but it is very important to wait for the complete drying of each layer